Boat rentl Mallorca
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Boat Rental Offers

  • Boat with no Licence
  • Rib boat 4.5 meters with 15hp max 5 persons 2 to 4 hours 80 petrol not included. Book by WhatsApp
  • Rib boat 4.5 meters with 15hp max 5 persons 4 to 8 hours 100 petrol not included. Book by WhatsApp
  • Snorkeling coast jump trip 3 hours on rib boat 4.5 mts with 15hp 3 to 4 persons 3 hours 35 p/p petrol included. Book by WhatsApp
  • Boat rental Mallorca
    2 to 4 hours rib boat rental
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    Boat Rental mallorca
    4 to 8 hours rib boat rental
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    Video of driving a boat tips !!


    START YOUR PERFECT DAY ON THE WATER WITH A BOAT RENTALS! Choose from our selection of boat rentals licence and no licence, 4.5 meter long: Rib boats. Cruise the Mallorca south coast! waterway or plan a good time off-shore. Enjoy a day viewing the magnificent homes and sites along the south Mallorca coastline, stopping for a swim or snorkelling!.

    Snorkeling Mallorca

    Snorkeling Tours

    • 3 hours with boat 30, per person.
    • We take you by the coastline! to breathtaking spots for a nice and calm snorkeling, we provide the equipment and safety, music, cooler box.
    • Petrol included.
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    Boat Rentals mallorca

    Addicional Info

    • Petrol is 5.40 liters per hour in high speed! We check at the end and charge as price of the day!
    • Any one over 18 years are ok to rent the rib boat!
    • No licence requiered
    • 2 miles limit from coastline
    • Deposit for rental 100
    • The rib boat due the hp that 15 is very limited of velocity! from 1 to 3 persons it is fast! 4 to 5 persons it is slow! take this in consideration for the distance you can travel with this rib boat.

    Tour details:

    Location : Palma illetas or Cala Contesa or Cas Catala for more location ask

    Minimum of persons : 1 in boat rental, 2 in snorkeling trip.

    Maximum of persons per boat: 4 or 5 depends of availability.

    Minimum Age : 18 for driver, as passenger 6.

    Difficulty : Easy.

    Available months : March to September

    Meeting point : Can Pastilla Puro Beach, Cala Gamba, Portixol, Cala Mayor, San Agustin, Cas Catala, Illetas, Puerto Portals.

    Start time : 8:00 to 19:00

    Pick up service : 5 extra per person, ask for availability.

    Services included : equipment, snorkeling, maps, gps tracker, mobile phone, music.

    Recommendations : Swimsuit, sun protection. dry clothes for after activity

    Cancelation conditions : 1 days in advance for reservations and 1 days in advance for cancelations.

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